Sunday, December 16, 2007

Winter Psych

Haven't updated in almost a month. Mainly because their hasn't been many updates in my climbing life. Spent the day out bouldering in Eldo with some friends a few weeks ago and renewed my psych for Suspension Of Disbelief. Also finished up Lost V11, which if you saw my attempts on it last year, you'd think I would never send it. Always nice when that happens. I definitely feel like I am getting stronger. I went back up to Flagstaff recently to show some friends around and managed Undercling Traverse into Trice. Just needed to get linked I guess. I am getting a bit tired of returning to Cloudshadow. I promised myself that for the rest of the winter I would focus on other parts of Flag. Hollow's Way looks amazing.

Changing focus towards future goals. I am very psyched on Ty's new boulder, Midnight Express V14, in Boulder Canyon. I was lucky enough to witness his flawless ascent of the beautiful line and I am ready to get to work on adding my name to the ascents list. Suspension of Disbelief V14 has been on my mind since I first tried it last spring. I could definitely see myself climbing the boulder and hopefully it happens sooner rather than later. Also, I have an unfortunate amount of psych in the direction of Echale V14 after falling on the last move about a year ago. I'll probably be heading down to CCC in the next few days. I could always use a Dark Waters training session.

Updates soon, Hopefully!