Sunday, July 4, 2010


Another solo day in RMNP.  Seems to be the way to go for me these days.  My two hardest climbs, I've been by myself.  Today it was Aslan (V14).  I left Boulder a little after 2pm.  Drove behind a heard of tourists for two hours until I reached the Bear Lake parking lot.  I packed up my crashpad and stomped up the trail bumpin' some Birdman.  I listen to the same album every time now, and make it a priority to arrive in Lower Chaos a song earlier every time.  I think I've reached my limit.  25 minutes or so.  Right in the middle of "Nightclub".  Now my legs hurt.  I expected there to be some people at the Centaur boulder when I arrived.  One pad is hardly enough for the boulder.  Sure enough a crew was there, but then they immediately left.  Alone again...  One pad...  No spotters...  Fuck it.  I used to be somebody that had a difficult time getting motivated when I climbed by myself.  Lately, it's been a much different experience.  When alone, the pressure is higher to create motivation and psych.  It seems I've been rising to the challenge.  I have a lot of energy these days, and I'm slowly learning how to harness it.  Learning how to execute!  Anyways.  Enough rambling.  Here's the send clip.  Super rough.  No edit.  No Bullshit.  Enjoy:

Aslan V14 - Carlo Traversi from Carlo Traversi on Vimeo.