Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Joe's Valley - Part 1

Sitting here at the Food Ranch just outside of Joe's Valley, Utah, I decided to give a little update of our current roadtrip. The biggest news so far has been the spree of sends from my little brother Giovanni. Here's the current tally before today:

-Weed, Whiskey, And Women With Wieners - V12 FA (Smokin Joe then hard right into a 30 foot traverse through a cave and with a final V9 sloperfest topout to a 20 foot slab)
-Freak - V10 Flash
-Resident Evil - V10 Second Go
-Fingerhut - V10 Flash
-Nerve Extension - V10
-Smokin Joe - V9
-Two-Finger Variation - V9
-The Wind Below - V8
-Big Boy - V7 Flash

And today he nutted up and in about an hour finished off:

-They Call Him Jordan - V8
-We Call Him Michael - V10
-Beyond Life - V11

Tomorrow we head to Las Vegas for the Red Rock Rendevous and their will be many more videos, pictures and updates to come very soon.

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