Monday, April 14, 2008

An Epic

Yesterday I fell off sticking the lip on Free Range V13, no less than 7 times in a row. Sad. By the time I left the problem, I had two new holes in my hand that wouldn't stop squirting blood all over my fingers. Sad. The day before, while Alex was working on Trice, I fell off the last move of Epoch-alipse V13 at least 3 times. Sad. Sad that I was even working on the problem and sad that I can't complete anything these days. Speaking of Alex on Trice, she fell off post-crux and ripped open her flapper again. We might both be dealing with the same mental blocks. As far as I know, the only way to get through them is to push forward. Good news better come soon.

1 comment:

chuffer said...

You 2 keep at it and good luck with Cage Free, Trice, and Epochalypse.

As you probably know DW started Epochalypse in the dihedral instead of the true start for Reverese UCT (the sds on the extreme far right). Daniel didn't think it would have added much to start way over there, but I don't know. Doing a finicky problem like Trice with a true pump should add something. Your thoughts?