Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mt. Evans

I camped out at Mt. Evans this weekend and had the opportunity to climb some new things and explore a LOT. Yesterday I climbed this problem Peasants Into Leaders V7/8 that I've had my eye on for a while. Committing and fun, and not nearly as scary as it looks. I also finished Silverback Stand V8 in a few goes and I'm psyched to try the Sit.

Today I woke up early and rolled on up to Area C, an area that I've been meaning to check out for quite some time now. All I can say is...Lots of Projects. There is a scary highball that looks unclimbed that follows a 20 foot right-facing mini-dihedral to a spectacular dyno to a jug. Amazing.
UPDATE: Apparently this crimp line I climbed today was put up by Harry Robertson a few years ago and called Broken Wing at the grade of V11/12. So I guess I have the second ascent? Nevertheless, It is a very cool line that should be climbed more often.

Here are the pics (Photos Courtesy of Connor Griffith):


Jamie Emerson said...

Carlo, nice job on that problem at Area C. It hasnt seen a second ascent in a few years. Broken Wing was put up by Harry Robertson in 2005. His suggestion was V11/12. You can check his scorecard if you'd like. Feel free to contact Harry about this as I know he will confirm what I wrote.
Cheers, Jamie

Carlo Traversi said...

Thanks for the info Jamie. I guess I need to get updated on all the established lines in CO, so I can give props to the folks that have been here far longer than me.

Connor said...

Wow, who took those awesome photos? Maybe it was one of those six unmentioned people with you!

Daily doses said...

Yo Carlo. Whats up? Still comin for the Triple Crown? Didnt catch your name on the list!! I need some competition!.