Saturday, October 18, 2008

Alex Climbs Trice V12

Alex seems to be on a bit of a mission these days. We went up to Flagstaff tonight and she dispensed with Trice V12 in the dark. Conditions were certainly not optimal as I couldn't even manage a repeat. Very impressive to watch. She absolutely walked the thing. She is very psyched and is now putting together a list of hard Front Range boulders that she wants to take down. I have complete confidence in her ability to send anything she puts her mind too.

As for me, I made considerable progress on Midnight Express V14 in Boulder Canyon yesterday and once my arm heals from that heinous undercling I'll be ready to take it down. More updates and hopefully some media to come.


chuffer said...

That's RAD. Congrats Alex.

Gnome said...

Absolutely Fantastic effort! The conditions are just starting to get good! Yeah!!

Alton G. Richardson said...

Awesome job on the FFA Alex! So stoked to see Trice climbed again.

Brian A. said...

Way to go Alex! Glad to see that you're crushing, we all knew you would. Have fun and good luck on the rest of your projects, see you and Carlo at Horse Pens!


Jamie Emerson said...
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Jamie Emerson said...

While this is an incredible ascent and Carlo and Alex both know that i have alot of repsect for their ability, there is a trend happening here that I think we should be getting away from and I felt this was an appropriate place to bring this up. This was posted on, you guys should read your own blog before giving them news...

"Alex Puccio has climbed two V12 boulder problems and a V11 in Colorado in the last week. On October 18 Puccio made the first female ascent of Trice (V12), the 33-year-old Jim Holloway problem on Boulder’s Flagstaff Mountain. Trice only got its second ascent last fall. Puccio, 19, sent it in the dark, with headlamps lighting the moves, on her first day of trying the problem this year;:"

Monday, April 14, 2008
An Epic

...The day before, while Alex was working on Trice, I fell off the last move of Epoch-alipse V13 at least 3 times. Sad. Sad that I was even working on the problem and sad that I can't complete anything these days. Speaking of Alex on Trice, she fell off post-crux and ripped open her flapper again. We might both be dealing with the same mental blocks.
Posted by Carlo Traversi at 2:03 PM 1 comments

Friday, April 11, 2008

Today Alex and I head up to Flagstaff so that she can finish Trice V12. I'll probably mess around on the wall as well. Updates to come.

Monday, April 7, 2008

So, two days ago, out of nowhere, Alex decides that she is psyched to work on Trice V12 up on Flagstaff Mtn. I had no idea what to say to this because her outdoor psych recently has been significantly lagging. However, within the hour we found ourselves at the Cloudshadow Wall. The first thing that came out of her mouth when we got there (because she'd never seen the problem before) was "I can't climb this, those holds suck." 20 minutes later it was a whole different story. She had almost made the crux move static until the right hand pocket fashioned her a nice flapper on her middle finger.

While you both know I think this is really impressive, lets be honest about what you have done.

kinz said...

dude somebody seems bitter... great job alex you are sick