Friday, February 20, 2009

The Fortress Of Solitude

I am excited to say that after an intense search for an equally psyched individual (Greg Mionske) I have succeeded in planning my first "adventure" up to The Fortress of Solitude this weekend.  My main goal is Kryptonite, but I would also like to check out Flex Luthor and scope the potential for some new lines.  I cannot express how motivated I am to find and bolt new lines.  And the Fortress seems like a perfect place to start.  200+ feet of overhanging limestone.  Now I just need a drill...

Also, If anybody has any info on the place and is psyched to share, please do.  Beta on where to warm-up and any other helpful info is much appreciated.  I will be taking lots of photos and there will definitely be updates to come.     

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