Saturday, May 2, 2009


I'm excited to say that I've humbly entered the world of climbing video production.  Big learning process for me.  So far I have two videos up on, one of Paul Robinson on Psychedelic down in the St. George area.  The other is Daniel Woods on two mega-classics in Red Rocks, NV.  More psyched on the Psychedelic footage.  Great problems in Red Rocks though.  Let me know what you think.

Speaking of videos, check out this piece a friend showed me today:

Incredible. One shot.


chris said...

Hey Carlo, nice work...but where's the promised shooting of Alex doing 'A Maze Of Death'
Still a lot work to do, I am sure.
planning any trips to europe?


wade david said...

The entire rap video is filmed for soft lights, and two camera men, one man with a 20,000 dollar steadiCam and the other man guiding the camera man through the room. Was that video a quiz.

Carlo Traversi said...

the footage of alex on maze of death was featured in the 2nd issue of deadpoint magazine in the online issue. it was also filmed not by me but by garrett gregor.

not a quiz. just thought it was a cool video.

chris said...

thanks for the link...missed that one,....nice footage though, and some great climbing

wade said...

eThere was also a few 5 min movie scenes in the early 70's using SteadiCams, you can pick up a used one for around 700.00.