Monday, April 5, 2010

Poudre Canyon

Yesterday I made my once a year visit to the Poudre Canyon to try and clean up some old projects.  It was snowing sideways when Jon, Herm, Ben and I got to the boulders, but we decided to make an attempt at climbing anyways.  After a bit of cleaning snow off topouts and such, the weather started to clear up.  First up: An attempt at the recently broken Canopener V11/12.  After a few warm-up burns, I topped it out with the right exit.  Felt really good.  For the last two weeks or so, I've been feeling VERY light.  I assumed that the feeling would die away after a bit, but fortunately for me, it seems to be sticking around.  If I manage to scratch a few more things off my list, I might have to dub this the Breakthrough of 2010!

After Canopener, I rested for a bit while watching Jon finish off the problem, and Ben getting as close as humanly possible to a send without actually sending.  Devastating to say the least.  But the kid is real strong and he'll finish it off on his next trip.

Finally I managed to snag a few pads and head around the boulder to Circadian Rhythm V13.  I've tried this boulder a few times in the past, but I've never really been able to "project" it.  I basically get to try it for about an hour or two every year.  However, this schedule was been great for showing my steady progression.  I re-warmed up by doing the last big move a couple of times.  3rd try from the start and it was in the bag.  Wow!  It's nice to feel strong again.  Here's a screen shot:

So, What's Next?

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