Saturday, May 29, 2010

Jade Video

I finished off the Jade video last night, in quicker than usual form.  Glassberg and I filmed some exit interview stuff in the morning and I think it turned out quite good.  Actually it turned into sort of a rant, but regardless, I think that with so much talk about grades lately, people will be psyched to hear a somewhat new perspective.  The actual climbing footage turned out better than I had hoped.  Going into the whole thing I had some angles that I was psyched on capturing, but it turns out that they required a helping hand to achieve.  Such hand was non-existent on my solo adventure.  My favorite angle is the one from the screen shot floating around:
This shot required me to extend my tripod to the fullest and prop it on top of my climbing bag while leaning it against the wall.  Not the most stable setup!  Luckily I was able to stick the crux move again to make the setup worthwhile.  I think the shot does a decent job of showing the actual size of the holds, which I feel has been missing from prior Jade videos.  Let me know what you think!  Should be on very soon!


devlin said...
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Adam said...

Adam says:

Nicely done. You're rant was freakin awesome. I love grading rants like that! Great vid, and I agree completely with your comments. Sometimes it's just "piss easy," and "v5"s are hard as balls.

Jesse and Colleen said...

Loved the video, angles, rant and all! Good work all around.

Brent Apgar DC said...

Nice work, congrats on the send. The rant was awesome and right on.
For the most part I don't like working problems or routes, but I would have to say that the best part of working a problem is the send go... that state of grace, zen or whatever you want to call it when everything is perfect and it feels effortless.

Naba Thapa said...

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